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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are not makers of history. We are made by history

Life is a mixture of everything: failure & success - they complement each other. If you fail, then you know the value of success, it is a stepping stone.You need to move forward: ask yourself, what did I learn from the past, and then what is my vision for the future? This will keep you going - Sri Sri Ravishankar

“The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.” ~ Ursula Le Guin

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity & do not let expectations hinder my path” ~ Dalai Lama

"Nature, when she adds DIFFICULTIES... adds B R A I N S" ~Emerson

To succeed, we must first believe that we can. - Michael Korda

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history." - Martin Luther King, Jr

A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.
Wayne Dyer

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