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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Between men and women there is no friendship possible

“Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.” -  Oscar Wilde

It’s an old quote that’s revisited by Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally -- there’s no such thing as a platonic relationship between a man and a woman. The man is usually consumed with the idea of sleeping with her. It’s a belief widely acknowledged by men, but rarely accepted by women. Remember that. Movie and dinner nights might mean one thing to you, but she certainly doesn’t view it as a precursor to intercourse.

The bald eagle is native to North America can reach a wingspan of up to eight feet
It's not what you do once in a while; it's what you do day in and day out that makes the difference."Jenny Craig

"If you don't mean it, they're going to know you don't mean it. " - Carrie Underwood

"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make." -- William Bernbach

Another World
The planet Saturn is captured in a photograph taken by the Cassini orbiter. Carolyn Porco, the leader of the Imaging Team on the Cassini mission to Saturn, comments, "This year we had the thrill of observing the Saturn equinox. That's the moment when the sun, seen from Saturn, crosses the equator going from south to north. The sun sets on the rings, illuminating them edge-on. The geometry revealed structures and phenomena in the rings we had never seen before. We saw this famous adornment spring from two dimensions into three, with some ring structures soaring as high as the Rocky Mountains. It made me feel blessed."

As the Elvis song goes, "It's Now or Never". To set effective goals you need to be specific. Do your best, and just do it!!

"The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant." -Max DuPree

"Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much." - Erich Fromm

PEACE, like every other rare & precious thing, doesn't come to you. You have to go... & get it" ~Faith Forsyte

Mount Roraima, Venezuela
Limitations live only in our minds-But if we use our IMAGINATIONS... our possibilities become limitless ~J Paolinetti

Hot air balloons, Turkey
"The world is your playground... why aren't you PLAYING?" ~Ellie Katz

Damnoen Saduak
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. – Che Guevera
Doubt everything... find your own LIGHT." ~Siddhārtha Gautama

ADVICE is what we ask for when we already know the answer... but wish we didn't." ~Erica Jong

Be not anxious about what you HAVE... but about what you ~A R E~" - Pope Gregory I

The more a man knows, the more he forgives. Catherine the Great

Sydney Opera House

Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. Lowell Thomas

Every exit is an entry somewhere. ~ Tom Stoppar

Great Barrier Reef
Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see” William Newton Clarke

Without enough SLEEP... we all become tall two-year-olds." ~JoJo Jensen

Miami Beach, Florida
Do not LOOK where you fell... but where you SLIPPED." ~African proverb

To succeed, we must first believe that we can. - Michael Korda

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii
One who understands much displays a greater simplicity of character than one who understands little. Alexander Chase

Real DIFFICULTIES can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones... that are unconquerable." ~Theodore N. Vail

Boston, Massachusetts
You only lose... what you CLING TO." ~Siddhārtha Gautama

"America is all about speed. Hot, nasty speed."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Oranges in a nest ... looks like boobs

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation - Kahlil Gibran

Coming generations will learn equality from poverty, and love from woes.
Kahlil Gibran

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.
Kahlil Gibran

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