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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Find Easy Money

How to Find Easy Money

1. Be prepared! Money can be anywhere.
2. Keep an eye out where people handle money a lot e.g. supermarkets, school cafeterias, soda machines, etc.
3. Look down side alleyways and most used footpaths people may drop their spare change, etc.
4. Walk or even look in bushes and trees. Some people climb them & drop their money or loose change.
5. Check around parking lots of night clubs and bars in the morning hours before traffic starts moving. It is amazing what people will drop when they are drunk, tired, and distracted!
6. Inspect under bleachers at sporting events, fairs, and other venues with open-bottomed bleachers.
7. Check the coin return slots in vending machines! Look behind them for change that has rolled out of sight when it is accessible.
8. Find empty aluminum cans around garbage cans and recycle bins. Look out for beer bottles! They cost more than pop cans. Collect a good amount and cash out at a local recycle depot.


You can find lots of change in a washer/dryer. Your family will forget to take their money out of their pockets, but if the amount is over $5.00, give it back to your relative!

Dig really deep into the cushioning and support system of living room upholstered furniture all the way to floor level. On bulk trash garbage night the curbside discarded furniture will yield hidden coins with your utility razor blade knife used to open the bottom covers.

(source: wiki how)

How To Be Happier: Stay Connected To Your Past

How To Be Happier: Stay Connected To Your Past
I'm working on my Happiness Project, and you could have one, too! Everyone's project will look different, but it's the rare person who can't benefit. Join in -- no need to catch up, just jump in right now. Each Friday's post will help you think about your own happiness project.

A while back, my husband and I noticed a characteristic we shared - neither of us did a particularly good job of staying connected with our past. It was true of us as a couple, too, once we got married. In each stage of life, we'd have good friends, but when we moved to the next stage, we found it difficult to stay connected to the people to whom we'd earlier been close. I'm not sure I would have remarked on this fact if I hadn't seen the contrast to my younger sister - she does an outstanding job of staying close to friends from every stage of her life.

Philosophers and scientists agree: if there is one element that is the key to happiness, it's having strong relationships with other people. Many of my happiness-project resolutions are aimed at helping me build or strengthen friendships: Show up, Make three friends, Join or start a group. (Here are some other tips for making new friends).

Also, remembering happy times in the past is a great way to boost happiness in the present.

My resolution to "Stay connected to my past" is meant to address both these sources of happiness. As a consequence of this resolution, I sign up for high-school, college, and law-school reunions without hesitation. I don't begrudge the time I spend on Facebook. I make a big effort to keep my friends' contact information up-to-date. I keep a one-sentence journal. I look for reasons to visit my old neighborhoods.

I went to Washington, D.C., this week to give a talk to the Yale Law School Association about "Blogging the Pursuit of Happiness." (Trying to be strategic, I asked to come in January after my book comes out, but they don't do book talks.) This trip made me happy for many reasons. I saw some of my blogland pals from that area. I visited the Slate offices and imbibed the heady Slate-y atmosphere. I cruised around Washington, which is a beautiful city, especially when everything is blooming.

But one of the things that made me happiest was the opportunity to "Connect with my past." I loved being around a bunch of people from my law school. It was funny - I hadn't realized just how much alums have in common, how many references, interests, and inside jokes we shared. Also, a bunch of friends from law school showed up, so that was especially fun.

Sometimes it makes me sad that I've left behind my lawyerly identity - there were many things I enjoyed about that time. Staying connected to that part of my past makes me happier - and so does staying connected to other parts of my past.

Of course, this resolution applies to aspects of your past that actually were happy. You might well choose deliberately to disengage with unhappy parts of your past.

Have you found any good strategies to stay connected to your (happy) past?


Josh Landis and Mitch Butler over at did a provocative video piece on happiness myths. It's about happiness, and there's a lot of interesting information in it -- and it also gave me flashbacks to my book Power Money Fame Sex: A User's Guide.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love plus Sex

He Likes Me -- Doesn't He?
Times have changed. The days of Rhett Butler telling Scarlett O'Hara he didn't give a damn are long gone. That's a shame in some ways. At least it made dating simple. Nowadays, guys try to be considerate in an attempt to not hurt your feelings. His miscues make it hard to know whether he's really into you, just wants to be friends or would love for you to switch phone plans. While words might not be his strong point, his actions are. Keep an eye out for these kinds of behavior.

1. He actively takes an interest in you and what you have to say. He's not just nodding and smiling and checking his watch every five minutes like you're trying to sell him life insurance. There's eye contact. He's actively listening. He's asking questions, relating things you say to his own experiences. If he's really good, he'll remember something you said and incorporate it in a future date. Try not to act too surprised.
2. He's forthcoming. He wants you to know about him. This manifests itself in a bunch of ways. He'll share personal details about himself. He'll even be eager to cough up basic factoids such as phone numbers, his address and place of work. If he isn't giving up this kind of info, then he doesn't want you tracking him down -- or he's Batman or Superman. So if he doesn't live at Wayne Manor or the Fortress of Solitude, give it up.
3. He'll mark his territory. He won't pee on you or anything per se, but he will exhibit some animal behavior. If he's decided he wants you as his female, he won't want to lose you. If there's any chance that you might be snapped up by another male, he'll stake his claim. He'll be tactile with you, slipping an arm around you, possibly posturing and standing up when another guy walks onto the scene. Watch out for some regression to a more primitive man. If you hear grunting, don't panic. It's his way of saying he likes you.
4. He calls you back. Despite the stereotype, he will call you back. If you're a girl in demand, he won't want you to be the one that got away, so he'll call you to set up the next date or ask how you're doing. If you're getting calls for no reason, that's a good thing. However, you may want to invest in a good phone plan.
5. He'll check you out. You'll bring out his spy skills in a good way. He'll talk to your friends to get the 411 on you. He wants to know more about you -- your past, your present, your likes and dislikes, water hazards, etc. He's doing his homework because he wants to impress you. He's gathering this intelligence so he knows how best to woo you.
6. He's flirtatious. Guys get playful around women they like. It's a little dance he's doing around you to show his interest and his daring. However, he's not just being flirty, he's also probing. He's putting on a little show for you to see if you'll reciprocate. The more you play, the more he stays. Now shake that tail feather.
7. He's always planning ahead. If he digs you, he won't want you getting away from him. To make sure you aren't prey to some other guy, he'll be making plans for the next date before the current one is over. A full calendar is a good sign.
8. He's attentive. He's been listening to you, and knows what you like and where you like to go. He treats you to your favorite things and places. He'll spring surprises.
9. He'll blow off his buddies to be with you. It's always tricky managing existing commitments with burgeoning relationships. There are bound to be conflicts of interest at the some point. So take it as a good sign when he'll ditch going out with the boys to see you instead.
10. Acts of selflessness. He'll take one for the team of you and him. These can be large or small acts. They can be as small as holding your hair back for when you've got stomach flu, or as large as suffering through a Celine Dion concert and pretend he's enjoying it because you're a fan. Now “that's the power of love.”

Okay, he's doing his part, but what about you? You've got him wrapped around your little finger, but don't get cocky. You can lose him in the blink of an eye with a few classic screw-ups...