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Saturday, October 3, 2009

reddy2007 presents: Content is King

7 Great Side Jobs for Extra Cash
1. Dog Walker.
2. Handyman.
3. Medical Transcription.
4. Wills/Medical Power of Attorney.
5. Income Tax Preparer.
6. Teach a Hobby.
7. Babysitter.
(yahoo jobs)

The Best Movies of 2008

6 Unusual High-Paying Careers

2009: the year in view

The Year in Review

Best lines of the year 2008

The 50 Biggest Movies of 2008

When the world stood up and applauded India

The Ten Coolest Movie Posters of 2008

11 More Drunk Photos You Don't Want To Be In

Behold! The world's most beautiful bum

Pole Dancing + Sexpo = Perfect Match

Kirsten's success mantra for Gambhir

Year in Review 2008

Top 10 searches

The Six Steps to Happily Ever After

Brand New: Best & Worst 2008

The Buzzwords of 2008

Ask Top 2008 Searches

Time to Reboot America

The Year in Photos: Sports

30+ Great Resources for Blogger Templates

Top 100 Products of 2008

Ansen’s 10 Best Movies

From Hillary To McCain

The top 10 most-viewed videos on in 2008.

The Best Cookbooks of 2008

100 top sites for the year ahead

Associated Press 2008 moments,0,7539328.photogallery

The sexiest backs of Bollywood!

Best people images of 2008


Explora En Patagonia, Chile

The world's most powerful people

The 10 most photogenic faces of 2008

The best images from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Top ten tennis highlights of 2008

Saudi court rejects divorce plea from EIGHT-year-old girl married to 58-year-old man (dailymail)
Mark Felt, ‘Deep Throat’ During Watergate, Dies at 95 (bloomberg)
Slumdog Millionaire wins 20 more awards (IANS)
Iraqi judge: Shoe-tossing reporter was beaten (ap)
Healthy breakfast may mean healthier diet overall (reuters)

The Drill Down 069 - The Best Stories 0f 2008

Man who lent 5 pounds to a penniless tourist 39 years...

Hugh Jackman reveals his secret

Women we love

2008, the year in photographs (part 3 of 3)

Numeroscope: 2009

Of pride and poverty

Top 10 most wanted babes

2008: Sexiest legs of Bollywood!

The boy or the Bunnies?,0,6578010.triviaquiz

Apple Evolution - Visual History of Apple Products, from the Apple IIe, iMac to the iPhone

Hottest Gifts Of 2008

New York City Is Breathtaking Following Google Earth Update

Weekly world news quiz
Researchers say watching romantic comedies can have a damaging effect on what?
Your relationships - idealised romances create unrealistic expectations

Top 100 – All languages


YuleTube UK - Top 10

I'm a sex addict


Strategies: Do this now to reduce your tax bill in April

Edit Day in Final Cut Pro

24 Most Underrated Websites of 2008

After the Carnage: Bargains and Opportunities in 2009

21 Sites To Find Out What’s Hot Online

The Hottest Calendars of 2009,4644,5890,00.html

2008 in retrospect: Obama, the economy and the Mumbai attacks

Tech's indelible images

Pictures of the Year 2008,31682,1861543_1861868,00.html

The best sports images of 2008

From acquaintances to lovers!

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008

Images 2008

10 political disgraces

10 scam, scandal and shame

Cartoons from Indian newspapers


Tips for Open, Honest Talking

Companies that will hire you to work at home

Strange Yet True: Top 10 'Out There' Stories of 2008,2933,474185,00.html

Olympic winners dominate New Year's Honours list

The ridiculously obvious sex studies of 2008
1 Attractive people probably have more sex
2 Unplanned pregnancy affects her quality of life
3 Porn as sex educator
4 She's good to ride horses
5 Methamphetamine use makes for risky sexual behaviours
6 He said/she said

The 6 Biggest Skin-Care Mistakes
1. Using a cleanser with harsh detergents:
2. Not using a retinoid:
3. Spending too much on skin care:
4. Getting facials:
5. Washing your face at the wrong time:
6. Not using sunscreen every day:
7 It's okay to pressure her
8 Condoms make for less pleasure
9 Ugh! It's Brad and Jen all over again
10 Intra ... what?
11 It's all in your head
12 Parents want comprehensive sex education

2008 in pictures

The Top Submissions of 2008 at

10 financial resolutions for 2009

Seven deadly, must-do sins for 2009


Return of the kitchen regulars


Berry special, small things

Time to prove your metal

G-spot gets gadget friendly


Porsche spice, Tendlya timepiece


Red, hot Chile capers


Attack of the mutant mobile virus

year book 2008

The Biggest Business Scandals Of 2008

Best of 2008

Shobha De is a 'porn writer': Sonam Kapoor
Nayantara-Lingusamy spat: Hearing on Dec 31

Resolve to try these money-saving tactics in 2009

19 Ways to Enhance Your Sense of Humor

Meet Nandini Mukherjee

Backless Bollywood

Most Popular How-To Features of 2008

The most travel-inspiring movies of 2008

How to Achieve Anything

14 Natural Health Remedies for Children

Bizarre Stories of the Year

Fox Sports top 100 of 2008,8659,24785991-23218,00.html

A Little Skin Sells a Lot of Magazines,4644,5947,00.html

Palin and Fey top list of year's memorable quotes

The Yash Success Formula

Shoes thrown at Bush

The faces of 2008

The Best-Paid Celebs Under 30

Top 10 entertainment stories of 2008

Top 10 Box Office Movies of 2008

2008 in review

30 Excellent WordPress Video Tutorials

Using Google App Engine as Your Own Content Delivery Network

Technology we have loved in 2008

India's 40 Richest

How to Save and Purify the World's Water Supply: Experts Weigh In

Top 10 Stupid-Hot Dumb Chicks

Modern Life

Hollywood's Highest Paid Couples

Marry at an exotic Indian locale!

How to make your marriage work

Break-ups: Case studies & tips to cope

Forget Facebook: 50 Social Sites for the Serious Student and Job Seeker

Indira Gandhi: India's greatest stateswoman yet

Top 10 love-games

100 Interactive Websites That Will Make You Forget You’re Trapped in a Cube

The Sexiest Men Alive

How to Get Lucky

----- best blogs:-'s First Annual Blog Index
1.The Huffington Post
6.Blog di Beppe Grillo
10 Ace of Spades HQ
12 Gawker
13 The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan
14 Velveteen Rabbi
15 Boing Boing
16 TechCrunch
17 Web 2.Oh...really?
18 The Sartorialist
19 Daily Kos
20 The Consumerist
21 Indexed
22 Wired's Threat Level Blog
23 Regret the Error
Mistakes happen, especially in the media. Everyday, thousands of bonehead mistakes are printed in newspapers and magazines and go out over the airwaves, and only a tiny fraction of the errors are ever corrected. Regret the Error is the media consumer's revenge, a regularly updated compendium of media mistakes big and small. The big mistakes get plenty of coverage elsewhere — the plagiarized newspaper columns, the fabricated news sources, the memoirs that are — how shall we put this — totally made up. Regret the Error covers the big whoppers, but it really shines on highlighting the small stuff that the media gets wrong. Small, that is, unless you're the person being written about. There's a useful yearly roundup of errors, corrections, and plagiarisms, and some of that material has been compiled into a book. Read 'em and weep.

Sample Regret the Error Post: A picture last Sunday with an essay about a crack house in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, was published in error. The three houses in the picture are on the same street as the crack house, but none of the three figured in the essay.
24 Bad Jocks
25 The Reverse Cowgirl

100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter

More Ways to Get a Great Deal on Anything



Worst Jobs with the Best Pay

cover model

Oops! Celebrity Embarrassing Moments

MUMBAI, India – After three days of attacks by Islamist militants, Indian officials said today that the siege of the Taj Mahal hotel was over.


Best international images of 2008

Essay writing tips for XAT

Love-o-scope: 2009

Reuters Images of the Year

Ten ways to save the world

True Blood Hotties Top List of TV's Best Nude Scenes

Here's why women play hard to get

digging as habit

hot saucy

The 8 Best Recurring Arrested Development Jokes

2008: A year in Love

Top 5 Largest webSites on Social Bookmarking Services

Top 5 lists in entertainment

The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
Swiss chard
Pomegranate juice
Goji berries
Dried plums
Pumpkin seeds

15 Twittery Things For Your Holiday Enjoyment

Bolt, Phelps and Isinbayeva light up 2008

Unbeatable Beach Bodies

How to Use Twitter as a Twool

Everything you always wanted to know about Google…

Online Rumor Websites: How to Fight Internet Abuse

Ah Taj!

Radhika on Chiru

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Google Maps

India vs Pakistan - Evaluation on Military Strengths

Getting A Millionaire's Mindset

15 Tips for a stress free Christmas
1. Put priorities
2. Change your expectations about family gatherings
3. Organize and Plan
4. Be realistic
5. Enjoy the holidays
6. Think positive
7. Do not exaggerate
8. Watch your spending
9. Surprise your self
10. Spend the holidays with people that you love
11. Avoid Tension
12. You are not the only one that is alone
13. Grief if you have to
14. Do not get carried away by TV
15. Get some help from a specialist

6 Ways to improve memory
1. Never stop learning
2. Cultivate your social and family relationships
3. Develop new habits
4. Exercise your mind with games
5. Physical Exercise can improve your memory
6. Food that will help you improve your memory

How Cynthia Rubio Turned an Idea Into a Million Dollar Business

30 best cities to find a job
# Bismarck, North Dakota, registers lowest unemployment rate in Sept. 2008
# Most of the lowest unemployment rates were found in west, midwest
# Jobless rates were higher in 92 percent of U.S. cities surveyed this Sept.
# Only 25 areas reported lower rates while six areas had no change

The 10 Best Books of 2008
Thirteen Stories
By Steven Millhauser.
By Toni Morrison.

By Joseph O’Neill.

By Roberto Bolaño. Translated by Natasha Wimmer.

By Jhumpa Lahiri.


The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals
By Jane Mayer.

By Dexter Filkins.

By Julian Barnes.

Death and the American Civil War

The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul
By Patrick French.

Money-Saving Hints

Brush your teeth, save your life?

How to Get Lucky

Even Google Gets Frugal in the Recession,8599,1864136,00.html

Find More Time

Look 5 Years Younger Today

Fast Workouts That Really Work!

10 Essential Steps to Take BEFORE You’re Laid Off

Staying apart? Keep the romance alive

Top 10 Dating Movies

QED: An Indian seer who figures in epic Mahabharata, Charuvaka, exhorted the people to borrow, spend and live happily, and not bother about how to repay the debt and not feel guilty if unable to pay it back.

Even though he commended this thousands of years ago, the people of this country continue to disregard his prescriptions till today. But the US economists seem to have patented Charuvaka’s economic theory as theirs. The latest effect of this theory in practice is the sub-prime crisis and losses. The only difference is that the American version is definitely an improvement over Charuvaka’s economics, as it made the borrowers feel that their borrowing and spending was not for themselves, but for America!

9 attractive qualities women look for in a guy
Sense of Humor
Super Hot
Talented & Passionate

Five fights every couple is having right now

The Best Business Books of 2008
Charles R. Morris' The Trillion Dollar Meltdown (PublicAffairs)
Alice Schroeder's The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life (Bantam)
The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs (The Penguin Press) by strategy consultant Charles D. Ellis
Hell's Cartel: I.G. Farben and the Making of Hitler's War Machine (Metropolitan Books) by Diarmuid Jeffreys
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions (HarperCollins) by Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Dan Ariely

Did you know?
2,473 deaths in India in 2008 from acts of terrorism - through 1 Dec
Data: South Asia Terrorism Portal; Institute of Conflict Management

11 ways to be a happy employee
Maintain a journal

It has been found that putting your thoughts to paper (either in a journal or maintaining an online blog) can provide tremendous cathartic relief in extreme emotional stress. The process coalesces scattered thinking, attempts to find negotiable solutions, helps to talk back to yourself (often, in trauma cases, the survivors can also feel acute guilt that needs to be addressed firmly).

The accounts or write-ups may be free-flowing, allowing your thoughts a free run, or they may have a specific agenda or format (for instance, your daily account may have such specifics such as problem in hand, solutions, immediate action, future action, achieved target etc). In depression, even a simple account of listing just five good things that happened to you daily can helps enormously in recovery.

5 Incredibly Simple, Yet Useful Web Sites

Online Journalists Can Now Win a Pulitzer Prize Too

Top 10 Buzzwords,30583,1855948_1864100,00.html
1. Change
2. Bailout
3. Hockey mom
4. Fist bump
5. Nuke the fridge
6. Staycation

Greece rocked by third day of riots (cnn)

The best films of 2008... and there were a lot of them

Brain-boosting drugs: Why not?, experts say

How to Write Your Memoir

hot site of the day

Play a seductress for your man!

Men's top sex secrets
1. Trapped Sperm
2. Oxytocin affects males too
3. High testosterone = Less sex
4. Death during sex has a prototype
5. Orgasm ... or lack of ... may prevent breast cancer in males
6. You can tell a guy's size by his fingers
7. Men fall in love faster than women
8. Family affects testosterone
9. Can a bowel movement make for bliss?
10. Males like 'unusual' sex

Keri Russell
2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

Fastest Rising (Global)

1. sarah palin
2. beijing 2008
3. facebook login
4. tuenti
5. heath ledger
6. obama
7. nasza klasa
8. wer kennt wen
9. euro 2008
10. jonas brothers


Fastest Rising

1. youtube
2. orkut
3. katrina kaif
4. cricket
5. irctc
6. facebook
7. genelia d'souza
8. beijing 2008 olympic games
9. sixth pay commission
10. ipl

Most Popular

1. orkut
2. gmail
3. yahoo
4. google
5. youtube
6. yahoomail
7. indian railways
8. rediff
9. cricket
10. katrina kaif

100 Natural Ways to Overcome Anxiety
Let go of contro
Do one thing at a time.
Learn to say "no".

Top 10 Places to Find the Most Holiday Cheer,28804,1865372_1865373,00.html
1. Leavenworth, Wash.
2. Mystic, Conn.
3. Long Grove, Ill.

Biel stripper trailer!

Post-sex cuddle preferred by women to sex itself

Foods that help you de-stress
Finger millet

50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have

Go watch 2008's finest and unluckiest film

15 Hottest Products of 2008

Azim Premji's secrets for success

Ratan Tata's words of inspiration

Indra Nooyi's mantras for success

The secret of SRK's success

Politicians As Artful Dodgers

Tired of clicking incessantly on your address bar trying to highlight the whole URL? Press F6.

Study Finds Worst Value Menu Options

Rat research shows regular exercise good for a man's sexual prowess,23599,24779453-36398,00.html?from=public_rss

Five Sexist Trends the Advertising World Just Can't Shake

While Detroit Slept By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Miss World 2008 contestants

Five Ways to Fix the Future of Water

Of Buffett's mistakes and wisdom!

The Billionaire Bloggers


LCD or Plasma HDTVs: Which to Choose?

92% of women like to go solo


Barack Obama-san

How to Impress a Girl
Be well-groomed.
Have a great attitude.
Show respect
Have good conversations.
Show interest in her - let her talk
Try flirting!
Respect her friends and their ideas and opinions.
Have your friends be nice to her
Be polite to her parents.
Don't criticize her
Be romantic, but not over the top.
Start talking to her casually
Do not play "hard to get".
Be careful with what you say.
Hum a few bars of a song she likes around her.
Start an inside joke with her!
End later meetings with a hug,
Do not tell her that you "like her".

Top 100 women of the year

site of the

Ideas of 2008

At 85, More Peaks to Conquer and Adventures to Seek

The Top Telugu Films, 2008

2008’s Top 10 Movies, The Dark Knight one of them

Top 5 Web 2.0 Sites For Coverage On Social Media

10 Steps to Improving Your Photoshop Skills

2008 review

Review of 2008: 100 great articles

6 Phrases to Get Her into Bed Tonight
1. "I screwed up, and want to hear your thoughts."
2. "Did you know you have a heart-shaped freckle on the back of your left thigh?"
3. "I'm organizing a team of volunteers for Summit for Someone."
4. "You must be exhausted. Let's take a hot shower and I'll scrub your back."
5. "I want to accomplish a few key things in the next 5 years."
6. "I'm taking the day off tomorrow to chaperone my niece's field trip."

The Sex-Starved Wife

Bollywood's Sexiest Celebs of 2008

Obama tops History Makers of 2008 list


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