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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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hot and sexy paris hilton

7 Tips for a Better Resume
1. Select the best format.
2. Make certain your document is error free.
3. Find a balance between wordiness and lack of detail.
4. Do not use personal pronouns.
5. Use numerical symbols for numbers.
6. Think "accomplishments" rather than "job duties."
7. Keep it positive.
25 websites to sign up to before Christmas
1.) Qype -
2.) Mallplace -
3.) Flickr -
4.) Twitter -
5.) Dopplr
6.) Blogger
8.) Stumbleupon -
9.) Vimeo -
10.) MyMall -
11.) Tumblr -
12.) ThinkGeek -
13.) HotUKDeals -
14.) LinkedIn -
15.) Where Is Your Username Registered -
16.) Sumopaint -
17.) Qik -
18.) 12seconds -
19.) -
20.) -
21.) Friendfeed -
22.) Hungryhouse -
23.) Imeem -
24.) Joost -
25.) ThisNext -

15 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger


15 Abilities You Must Have to Get Out of the Rat Race
Be a Salesperson
Delay Gratification
Take Risks
Build Rapport
Be a Leader
Be Uncomfortable
Understand Numbers
Ask for Help
Know Thyself
Balance Ego with Humility

Top 10: Job Interview Mistakes

Nandan Nilekani: Imagining a better India

7 Beautiful Data Visualizations (With Videos)

40 Tutorials for Creating Wallpaper in Photoshop

Sleep helps people learn complicated tasks

10 Major Marketing Spectacles: Win or Whoops

The dance of love with your fingertips

LIVING it up... conquering one day at a time

Most Beautiful Bottoms In 2008

7 Methods for Coping with Tragedy

Unlicensed stories reel in Net readers

International soccer star admits he slept with 700 women

Experts weigh in on which vitamins to toss back or toss out

Death of the regional newspaper bureau in Washington

Seven Opposites You'll Find in a Bar...

The art of living

Best Ways to Beat Holiday Stress>1=31016

Top 10: Bond Girl-Producing Countries

20 of the Hottest Women in Pro Wrestling

11 foods to turn your partner on!
1. Caffeine
2. Honey
3. Chocolate
4. Herbs
5. Spices
6. Garlic
7. L-arginine
8. Asian Ginseng
9. Alcohol
10. Ambrien
11. Seafood

The Truth Behind Night Owls and Morning People

Meet Freida Pinto

Photographers find unwitting success with social media

Bloggers, Twitters & Social Media Sphere Unite

10 Top Social News Sites Ranked by Design

Isn't it cheap for the product advertised on this banner ?
This funny banner seen on a roadside garment store at Kolkata.

Fascinating late 70s BBC documentary series "Connections", created and hosted by James Burke

Merlin Mann on Maximizing Your Time

What do you like most in the women?

Nothing blum about sexy Klum

Why You Should Never Try to Steal a Law Student's Laptop

50 Incredible fonts for professional web & print design


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Fountainebleau

It's official: Sex makes men happiest

Top 10 knowledge process outsourcing companies

Why People Have Sex: It Feels Good

Breaking News: Foreplay is Overrated

11 Life-Saving Health Habits

13 Things Your Bank Won't Tell You

Top 20 special celebrities’ diets

50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners

No, it's not a pigment of your imagination: Breakthrough drug can restore white hair to its original colour

Healing the Planet with Earth-Friendly Bamboo Products

best divorce letter ever!

The Best Places to Raise Your Kids 2009

Cuddle up with your partner to relieve stress!

Top Ten Sexy Women Over 40 years old

The 10 Worst Places to Get Caught Having Sex

Unhappy people watch TV, happy people read/socialize, says study

Simple Ways to Boost your Metabolism

5 Foreplay Tips That Will Have Her Begging For Sex

Understanding Sex (Sex Health Guru) - Video

Find More Time
Organizing for Efficiency
1. Get out the door earlier.
2. Be disciplined about drudge work.
3. Make the most of the weekends.
4. Clear the commute.
5. Give yourself a reality check.

100 Fun & Useful Search Engines for Writers

Boost your arousal during sex!

Google's SEO Starter Guide

'Please don't drink and drive. ... This is what happens—three beautiful lives abruptly cut short (Chicagotribune)

76 percent of American middle-class households not financially secure

You Might Be a Sex Offender If…

The most influential women in Web 2.0

"Gray hair is a sign of age, not wisdom."
-Greek Proverb

At American auto companies, finance guys and marketers rise to the top. Not at Honda.

Bong Hits 4 Jesus Dude

SEX SURVEY '08: INCEST§ionid=30&Itemid=1

A Brilliant Way to Save Bucks

Great New Books of December 2008

Follow Your Dreams - Don't Let Anything Stop You

Suffer from crippling headaches? Here's help

How can I make my blog load faster?

The Beginners Guide To Promoting Your Blog

Nine Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Top SI Covers of the 1960s

Top 10 George Carlin Quotes,28804,1858074_1858085,00.html

Bolaño's 2666: The Best Book of 2008,8599,1857951,00.html

7 common investor mistakes
No plan
Too short of a time horizon
Too much attention given to financial media
Not rebalancing
Overconfidence in the ability of managers
Not enough indexing
Chasing performance

15 Ads That Prove Sex Sells ...Best?

Make-Ahead Breakfast

Top Six Social Media Markets in 2009

The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs

How Buffett comes up with his winning picks

The success story of Michael Dell
Tom Friedman: Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Thomas Friedman, Green is the New Red, White and Blue

Bar Refaeli

Blog: Echoes of victory

7 great lessons to learn from a market downturn

sexy adriana lima photos

Women cheat more than men

Male impotence myths

Is it safe to swallow the semen of a sex partner?

How can I prevent premature ejaculation?

How to become a millionaire? 6 GOLDEN rules
Stop senseless spending
Fund retirement plans ASAP
Improve tax awareness
Renting versus buying
Buying expensive cars
Don't sell yourself short
Bottom line

Foreplay is overrated, researchers claim
Foreplay may be overrated according to a survey based on 2,300 women, which found that it has little or no significance when it comes to the likelihood of having an orgasm.

hot list

photos that changed the world

7 Significant Body Transformations For Movies

4 steps to a great business plan

Top 8 Things To Love About Porn (Besides The Sex)

The Way to Happiness

Top 7 Most Bizarre Islands

Save $1,000 in 30 Days

How to get read and earn $1,000 or more writing online

Obama Grabs Headlines
700 newspaper front pages from all over the world, the day after Barack Obama was elected 44th president of the United States.

“Single?” Lawn Signs Conquer the American Landscape: How to make $45 Million a year with Doman Names & Lawn Signs

Travel Picks: World's top 10 trekking vacations

Hotlist: Bond girls

The Complete List of Action Plan Websites

Asia's top 10 shopping destinations
1. Hong Kong
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Singapore

Barack Obama makes history as first black US president (mirror)
Barack Obama to be America's first black president (guardian)
'Change has come' - Barack Obama wins US presidential election (Times)
Obama Makes History (Washingtonpost)


Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls (nytimes)
Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls (wsj)
'Change has come to America' (cnn)
Obama makes history, elected US President (ap)
Obama makes history, elected US President (rediff)
Obama makes history, elected 44th US president (Hindustan Times)
Barack Obama, in his own words: Exclusive to

Top 10 Travel Destinations during Economic Crisis

7 World’s Famous Treasure Islands

The ultimate student resource list

B R Chopra passes away (rediff)
Obama sweeps to victory as first black president (ap)
Obama wins primaries clean sweep (bbc)
McCain concedes presidency, congratulates Obama (ap)
Obama wins in earliest vote in tiny Dixville Notch, NH (ap)
Unseasonably warm weather ahead (jconline)
A Planet Changing Election (huffington post)
A historic election, no matter the outcome (cnn)
Kate Winslet Strips For Vanity Fair (mtv)
Indian student from Andhra Pradesh killed in US (Times of India)

Working women hold key to world prosperity

Ten Things To Do Before You Die

The best overloaded transport pictures EVER!

maris miller makes womens softball sexy

The Top 100 Sites for Job Hunting on the Web

The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. - Albert Einstein
I don’t want to join BJP, but you never know: Chiranjeevi

Oh, snap! Best zingers of the campaign;_ylt=AnfVrM3Gg5BqC8O_j_cZXYcDW7oF

How to be the bad guy at work

15 Ways to Hack Your Brain For A Better Life
1. Exercise
2. Hydrate
3. Find Stimulation
4. Think Happy Thoughts
5. Play Games
6. Watch Quality TV
7. Surf the Net
8. Eat Brain Food
9. Load Up On Fish Oil
10. Eat Weeds
11. Learn Something New
12. Don’t Waste Time
13. Actively Improve Your Memory
14. Rest
15. Have Sex

50 Best Inventions 2008,28757,1852747,00.html

Olga Kurylenko

12 simple ways to supercharge your brain
Eat Almonds
Drink Apple Juice
Sleep well
Enjoy simple Pleasures
Exercise your mind
Practice Yoga or Meditation
Reduce Sugar intake
Eat whole wheat
Eat a light meal at night
Develop imagination
Control your temper
Take Vitamin B-complex

20 websites you never realised you needed

Tips to get out of a debt trap

Indian Men Fastest; Portuguese have most One-night Stands!

Viewing of sexual content on TV increases teen pregnancy risk (Indian Express)

50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements

50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire

Usefulness of the Internet

ITC: It's not just about tobacco!

The 7 Most Impressive (And Depressing) Geek Collections

50 websites you'll wonder how you lived without

Rachel Nichols

Top 10 sizzling sex secrets revealed!
7 reasons to catch the new Bond movie

11 ways to be a happy employee

Top 20 Celebrity Babes with Mouth Watering Cleavage

Megan Fox Will Appear Topless, Naked in Jennifer's Body

7 Quantum Of Solace Locations To Die For

Finding a Gold Mine in Digital Ditties

12 Great Election Quotes

The Power of Prayer

10 unconventional money-saving tips

Smile please

10 Things You Didn't Know About You

10 GREAT tips to boost your business

50+ Must Read Web Design for ROI, Usability and SEO Articles

10 Ways to Make your Website More Popular
7 Most Intellectual Dog Breeds

7 mind-blowing projects from Microsoft Research

Once considered an exotic treat, they are suddenly popping up everywhere—with good reason

Pushing photoshop to the limit: 13 most advanced tutorials


Mantra for satisfying sex quickie
“What you’re thinking about is that if you want to have wild sex when you get home in a very short time period, you need to prime yourself,” a news daily quoted her, as saying.

How to master the art of winning

15 Key Elements All Top Web Sites Should Have

40 Beautiful Grunge Photoshop Tutorials
Earn from home

Best views of the UK

11 ways to be a happy employee
1. Plan your week on Sunday night
2. Undertake activities that you are passionate about even though it might not be in your job profile
3. Do not indulge in the blame game
4. Communicate more often in person
5. Know what is happening at your workplace
6. Participate in organisation-level activities
7. Have a hobby that keeps you busy and happy
8. Take up a sport
9. Keep yourself away from office politics
10. Wish and smile
11. Volunteer for some activity

Shilpa Shetty sizzles in a bikini

shilpa shetty sizzling

Bollywood's hottest scenes

Sexy surprises!

New software that shows a woman's curves even while fully clothed!

10 top sizzling sex secrets revealed

Disasters Around The World
The 007 Best Bond Theme Songs

20 Great Online Image Editors

14 photography masters

Nature scenic photos: masterpieces

Twenty-One Condom Ads You Never Saw Coming

7 deadly sins of the financial meltdown

10 Immunity Boosters>1=31008

The Veggie Factor

The 10 Signs of Intellectual Honesty

Career Advice For Young Developers
Make sure you like doing your job
Make sure you get satisfaction out of your job
Choose between actual jobs, not companies
If you like developing software, then keep working as a developer!
Don’t put up with being a Code Monkey
Learn from your co-workers
Keep up with new technologies and ways of working
Don’t focus on job security
Don’t let money dominate your decisions
Always make sure you can leave your job if you’re not happy there

17 Online Free Web Based Applications That You Probably Would Love To Use!

Atlas of content

25 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All Time
1. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles
2. Purple Rain - Prince
3. Saturday Night Fever - The Bee Gees w/Various Artists
4. Grease - Various Artists
5. Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
6. The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff w/various artists
7. The Last Waltz -The Band w/various artists
8. O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Various Artists
9. Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid - Bob Dylan
10. Pulp Fiction - Various Artists

How to Present Yourself Powerfully, Part 1
Dating Advice: Four Guys You Think You Should Date... but Shouldn't!





10 Ways to Save Time and Be More Productive

Biggest Loser Club: Burn, baby, burn!

The year of living amorously - Christianity Today reviews book by wife who made daily sex

a birthday present to husband


10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
1. Set the Goal

2. Start Saving
3. Get Aggressive
4. Prepare for Rainy Days
5. Save More
6. Watch Your Spending
7. Monitor Your Portfolio
8. Max Out Your Options
9. Catch-Up Contributions
10. Have Patience

Hidden Stressors at Work


1. Set strict boundaries between work and the rest of your life
2. Focus on whatever you are doing in the moment
3. Take time for rest and recovery.
4. Be clear about your priorities.

Smart Kids Are More Likely to Become Drunks

Famous Former Beauty Queens -- Where Were They Then?

A guide to the Hippocratic Oath


Purple tomato 'may boost health'


Sex addiction: not just for men

Dimming down: How the brainpower of today's 14-year-olds has slipped 'radically' in just

one generation


Jungle Rescue: Saving the Orangutans

some of the news websites

100 tips to recession-proof your life

10 Things to do before you die

50 great things you can get free

Best websites


Campaign Finance

Citizen Journalism


I'm Too Young For


Paying for College

Political Pulse

Today's Top Stories


The Real Secret to Joy

Why can't I remember that thing, person, task?

Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Massage,8599,1852306,00.html

1000 artworks to see before you die

A Sublime, Scary Road to Goa

Sizzling sex tips and tricks

Cow drowned into the sea for being impregnated by human (thejakartapost)

carmen electra

Grand Teton National Park
Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park preserves a spectacular landscape rich with majestic mountains, pristine lakes and extraordinary wildlife


South Africa
Often called the "rainbow nation," this is a complex country filled with exhilarating sights


Strand Sister Island

Anse la Farine - Praslin - Seychelles

Anse Cocos - La Digue - Seychelles

Norman Vincent Peale: Quotations on Attitude
The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.

Michael Bloomberg
I've long argued that one of our most critical environmental issues is the challenge of making our cities attractive, enriching and safe places to live. The best cure for destructive sprawl is to build cities people don't want to abandon, places where they can live healthy, fulfilling lives in densities that don't devour our landscapes, pave our wilderness and pollute our watersheds, air and wildlife. To achieve this, we need to invest in urban schools, transportation, parks, health care, police protection, and infrastructure that makes cities great magnets with gravity sufficient to draw back the creeping suburbs.

There is a moral as well as an environmental imperative to attend to landscapes that are home to so many. For more than 8 million New York City residents, the environment is not a Rocky Mountain meadow with pronghorns grazing beside an alpine stream. It's their transit system and office buildings, the parks where their children play.

No one understands this better than New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, 66, who has not only worked to make his city livable but has also promised to make it a global model of sustainability. Mayor Bloomberg realizes that a better future for New York will not be constructed on jobs or housing alone. It must also include cleaner air, safer drinking water, more green spaces and a healthy, accessible Hudson River.

In addition to protecting the local environment, he has promised to make New York a paradigm in the fight against global warming. His visionary PlaNYC commits New York to plant 1 million trees, slash greenhouse gases 30% by 2030 and achieve the cleanest air of any big city on the continent. Mayor Bloomberg has stepped into the breach left by a Federal Government that has abdicated all leadership on global warming. With his pragmatism and boundless energy, he has shown that a city can be both great and green. If that idea can make it here, it can make it anywhere.


Top 11 iPhone Applications,28804,1823107_1823513,00.html
Remember when cell phones were just for making calls? The new iPhone 3G, which launched on July 11, dials phone numbers, but it also runs some 800 add-on applications — developers are creating more daily — that enable you to compare hotel room prices, read Shakespeare, even examine brain scans. About a quarter of the miniature applications, or apps, are free (others mostly cost less than $10 each), so Apple users are snapping them up like candy, with 10 million downloads so far. Glitches may be common as the programs work out their debut-stage kinks, but here are our picks for the coolest of the free programs.

Did you konw?

What is the term for the lower limit of permanent snow cover on a mountain?
Which climate characterizes Great Britain?
Marine west coast
The oracle of Zeus at Dodona is located in which European country?

The largest ethnic group on a small island country off the coast of Malaysia is Chinese. Name this country

From the 16th to the 19th century, pirates attacked ships along the coast of North Africa. By what name was this coast known

Barbary Coast

7 Unmissable Tips For Writing Great Content For The Web
Creating great web content is not always easy and needs extra efforts
1. Lists Work Like A Charm
2. The Title Really Matters
3. Be Conversational - The Fun Is In The Comment Section
4. Be Concise And To The Point
5. Read The Best Stuff
6. Use The Best Tools
7. Just Say It
“Don’t let the words get in the way. If you’re writing online, forget everything you were tortured by in high school English class. You’re not trying to win any awards or get an A. You’re just trying to be real, to make a point, to write something worth reading.”

7 Can’t-Miss Ways To Kick-Start The Writing Habit
1.Write nothing but headlines
2.Write ‘crap’ without feeling guilty
3.Schedule regular time and show up, even if you think you can’t write
4.Write about how you solved a problem
5.Edit older articles
6.Type out other people’s articles
7.Add your tips to this list in the comments section below

20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers
1. Zen Habits & Write To Done
2. Problogger
3. Dumb Little Man
4. Copyblogger
5. Freelance Switch
6. Dosh Dosh
7. Seth Godin
8. 43 Folders
9. Skelliewag
10. Men With Pens
11. Chris Pearson
12. Daily Blog Tips
13. Life Hacker
14. Entrepreneurs Journey
15. Chris Garrett
16. The Simple Dollar
17. Steve Pavlina
18. Life Hack
19. Chris Brogan
20. Freelance Folder

How to make money with your online writings77

10 Blog Traffic Tips

The top 4 ways to propel your website rankings, traffic, lead generation and sales are as follows.

In history, Nehru is to be compared with Napoleon

Top 100 Networks for People Who Want to Change the World

Deepak Chopra on Jesus,8599,1858571,00.html

Dear friends,

You can visit the website where users can register themselves for free submit the article,share it and earn by it.For more details visit

Writing Online with the Best!
And the Best Writing Online Site is...?
My Job Interview at Google

Ecstasy : The 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show [NSFW PICS]

Becoming Screen Literate

Ram Jethmalani slams shameless IBNLive as "Bullshit"

Ten landmark lesbian movies

50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design Trends
Mulholland Drive
El Topo
My Summer Of Love
Bitter Moon
Heavenly Creatures

Hollywood's must-watch movies!

How to Eat Healthy During Winter

Bolt and Isinbayeva named 2008 Athletes of the Year (rediff)

Real estate: 7 common mistakes to avoid

Sexiest Movies Ever

7 Tips for Shopping Closeout Sales
Our 50 Funniest (True!) Stories

A Classroom of Visiting Scholars

How Many Blogs Does the World Need?,9171,1860888,00.html

Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Ways to Stay Employed

Unmanageable EMIs? How to cope

interview questions

Bollywood hot bods share diet secrets!

World's Dream Destinations

1. Paris
2. Rome
3. Venice
4. Bali
5. Phuket
6. Vienna
7. Hawaii
8. Las Vegas
9. Rio de Janeiro
10. Athens

source: yahoo india