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Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 Bizarre Sex Tips

8 Bizarre Sex Tips
By Jasmine Leigh

1- Bite her
It might sound vicious, but in fact biting is quite sexy and one of the most exciting of our eight bizarre sex tips when done correctly. You are not going to chew or take out chunks of flesh. What you are going to do, however, is much more subtle: Open your mouth on a shoulder, buttock or other fleshy area (her side or thighs) and attempt to close your jaw by applying gentle pressure. Your teeth should never join in the middle, and pinching the skin with the teeth is not what you are after. Don’t overdo it -- a few well-timed bites show your passion. A good example is if you are taking her from behind, and when you climax, bite her back or shoulder.
2- Oil up
Using oil as a medium for your sexual artwork is not new, but it is often underutilized. Oil provides a slick surface for your sex play, and sometimes more is better. The oil should be vegetable-based and smell good. Ylang ylang essential oil is a relaxant and aphrodisiac. The oil should be smooth, like an almond-based oil. Grab a shower curtain or other oil-proof covering, oil yourselves up and slip-slide your way to orgasm.
3- Use hot and cold
Temperature changes stimulate and excite nerves. When outside influences stay the same, your nerves relax and can become desensitized -- they know what’s coming, nothing is changing, so they go to low power. If you stimulate the nerves by changing temperature, they stay awake and, therefore, increase the power of your sexual play. You can use a variety of substances, like hot chocolate, a cool glass of wine or an ice cube. Be careful not to make the experience uncomfortable. Until you get the hang of it, ask for feedback. Use for oral sex or invent your own games.
4- Suck her feet
Some people hate feet or hate their own feet being touched. However, having your foot licked and sucked on is one of the most sensual of the bizarre sex tips. In between the toes and the arch of the foot are the most sensitive areas of the foot. Get her to do it to you, so you know exactly how it feels. Clean, trimmed feet are crucial to this bizarre sex tip’s success. Also, sucking is best done slowly. Be aware of after-shower feet -- soap doesn’t taste good.

5- Spank her
Spanking comes in line with biting, but is more pronounced and does hurt; however, it is a scientifically proven fact that buttock spanking while aroused tricks the body into translating the smack as pleasure and provides a rush of blood to the area. Slightly cup your hand, but keep it loose and give the area of the buttock furthest away from the anus a good thwack. You want to get that good slap sound and a good palm-butt connection. Don’t overdo it, porn star.
6- Rub her bum
Make sure she knows you are not going to try to insert a finger (or other object including tongue) into her anus. One method is while she is straddling you, reach around and slide your wet finger up and down over her anus, but don’t put any pressure on it. The same goes while performing oral sex on her. Let her do the same to you. Make sure you are very clean before you start -- some surprises are not hot.
7- Eat
Having a sexy picnic in bed is a great way to incorporate food and sex. Stay away from particularly pungent foods (unless you both really like them) as they can be arid on the breath. Stick to fruits and cheese platters, and use your bodies as the plate. Decadence and pleasure will breed more, so take some food to bed and have a sensual few hours enjoying each other’s company.
8- Take her from a right angle
Make no mistake about it: This is a challenge. Think of all the ways you can have sex at a right angle, and try them all. Sex at a right angle can provide some very interestingly bizarre sex positions, and yes, you are going to have to use your imagination. Some suggestions are the "tong" -- she is almost horizontal, holding herself up with one arm with her bottom leg resting on a bed or other low surface. You are standing, holding her legs and penetrating her.
keep it coming
These tips ought to refresh your memory when it comes to creative and sometimes bizarre sex. So the next time you find yourself bored with the missionary position, remember that there's a million ideas that can keep your sex life feeling fresh.

source: askmen

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