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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Famous Pigs

Kim Clijsters - 1983

Cheryl Cole - 1983

Gemma Bissix - 1983

Jennifer Ellison - 1983

Famous Pigs
Born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2020, 2031, and 2043

Some of the famous people who share the sign of the Pig under the Chinese zodiac are Julie Andrews,
Woody Allen,
Alfred Hitchcock,
Steven Spielberg,
Ronald Reagan and
Pala Hanmi Reddy all loved people.

Pigs are born under the sign and grace of honesty. They are cultured, kind, caring and have an understanding, peaceful nature. Gallant, sturdy and courageous, people born under this sign will apply themselves to an allotted task with all their strength and you can rely on them to see it through.

Outwardly they may appear rough-hewn and jovial, but scratch the surface and you will find pure gold. The Pig is bound to be one of the most natural people you could come across. They never hit you below the belt. No doubt, they will have fights and differences with others, but they will not carry grudges unless given no choice. They could be lazy, but in a wondrous way, a true friend to have by your side.

2010 for the Pig
The coming year will bring success in business, politics and sports. An increase in influence and widening of social horizons is also indicated. Though for the employed, promotions can run into rough weather, all will be sorted by April. A lot of social activities in September-October are indicated. Business tours will be successful in this period. Journalists, writers and teachers will get ample opportunity to display their talents.

Old ailments may crop up for some of you and urgent attention may be needed in July-August. Though it's a temporary phase, do not take anything for granted. The year will end with many a happy event and marriages in the family bringing in much pomp and joy.

Tip for the year: Take a break with friends and family on a regular basis to rejuvenate yourself

Best compatibility: Sheep, Tiger, Dog

source: rediff

You’ll be doubly lucky in this Year of the Metal Tiger. How come? Well, not only will you be able to savour the well known tiger luck (and we’re talking of proverbial tigers in the wild, not Tiger Woods), but you’ll also be able to rise on all the positive qualities of metal – an element that favours you the most, So, with a preponderance of favourable months backing you, get cracking on all that you want to push through, all that you want to achieve. Of course, it may not be easy to keep up with the pace of the tiger, but it’ll be a challenge that’ll excite you. Plan your own pace, preferably speedier than last year, adopt a phased approach, keep your cool even when the speed picks up- and you’re sure to win.

The bottom line: Don’t get left behind by being indecisive when its actually time to get going.

source: deccan chronicle

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