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Sunday, May 15, 2011

useful / interesting links

Cheryl Cole

Britney Spears

A butterfly feeds on a flower at the Spring Garden Festival at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Saturday, March 21, 2009.

A truly inspiring video

When to switch off your lights

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

The 10 Coolest Foreign Words The English Language Needs

Learn English

Five ways to make your resume stand out
1. Include a career summary at the top of your résumé
2. Keep it up to date
3. Incorporate keywords
4. Use a functional résumé
5. Include all relevant experience

yahoo health tips

Top 10 Common Dreams Explained

The Ultimate *Money Getting* Shortcut

Is a high IQ a burden as much as a blessing?

Are You Blogging or Doing Social Media for SERPs ∧ Links?

The New Internet Start-Up Boom: Get Rich Slow

Meet Team Advani's tech wizards

'Swiss black money can take India to the top'

Look 7 Years Younger

Before Blogging For Money

Her secrets at age 115: Crispy bacon and sweets

Ten business strategies to organize your home

1. Identify your core values.
2. Establish a single top priority.
3. Keep your values and top priority visible.
4. Don't make snap decisions
5. Understand your opportunity cost.
6. Assess which balls bounce and which ones break.
7. Don't confuse long-term strategies and short-term tactics.
8. Meet often to review your progress
9. Get out of the "office" from time to time.
10. Welcome productive conflict

The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

Top 10 favourite cities

Your Business Card is Crap

FOXSexpert: Is This Bisexual Thing Way Overblown?

It's footie over sex for fellas

The Most Beautiful Women

sex education turns cyber!

Top 10: European River Cruises

Hot Sex Trends Worth Trying

The best social media marketing.

A new way to find websites

Bill Gates' Facebook profile

On Owning Your Own Web 2.0 Work

'You're going to die the way you live'

Men look away: Oral sex REALLY does cause some throat cancers

Astro fashion: Which colours suit your starsign?

The Most Beautiful Women

What porn is really for

Inside A Google Data Center

Keeping The Faith To Help With Weight Loss

Tips for Tough Times: The need for heroes, keeping the morale up, and more startup tips

nternet is new battlefield for BJP, Congress

Top 10 sexiest WWE Divas

Looking for a better way of life? Start your search with these places.;_ylc=X3oDMTFtMGIzaWdrBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDOTc2MjA0NjUEc2VjA2ZwLXRvZGF5BHNsawNsaXZhYmxlLWNpdGllcw--

She's got balls!

Dating 101: The Best Relationship Advice I Ever Got;_ylc=X3oDMTQyYTR0bTdxBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMjE0MjE1NDczNgRrA1RoZSBCZXN0IFJlbGF0aW9uc2hpcCBBZHZpY2UgSSBFdmVyIEdvdARzZWMDZnBfdG9kYXkEc2xrA2RhdGl%20Zy0xMDEtYmVzdC1yZWxhdGlvbnNoaXAtYWR2aWNlLWktZXZlci1nb3Q-

20 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Date Night

hot pix: site of the day

Recession: A survival guide

Be Paid What You're Really Worth

How to Write Your “About Me” Page

The Dangerous Web

Make Money Blogging

Is porn damaging your emotional health?

Crown Victoria's sexiest girl

Top 10 websites to help you get fit

Local Writer, Worldwide Following

The $2 Trillion Question

CV Dos and Don'ts

In the 5th century Astronomer C E Bhaskaracharya computed the time taken by earth to orbit the sun is 365.258756484 days.

6 Things to Buy Before the Economy Improves

online games

7 alerts for a money crunch!

Best Places for Business and Careers;_ylc=X3oDMTFzaWozc2pnBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDOTc2MjA0NjUEc2VjA2ZwLXRvZGF5BHNsawNidXNpbmVzcy1hbmQtY2FyZWVycw--

Top sex mistakes women make

10 Affordable Places to Retire;_ylc=X3oDMTFvMWoxN3UwBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDOTc2MjA0NjUEc2VjA2ZwLXRvZGF5BHNsawNwbGFjZXMtdG8tcmV0aXJl

Save $50 a Day: How Three Super Savers Do It

site of the day

Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs

Mind Over Money

Dollars from dirt: Economy spurs home garden boom

Stress is Sabotaging Your Diet Success

The Best Celeb Trainer Fitness Tricks

Snack Your Way Slim

Blog…. and be damned!

Discover a new beach

America's 10 Best Fast-Food Restaurants

The End of Excess: Is This Crisis Good for America?,8599,1887728,00.html

50 Beautiful Long Exposure Photos

blog of the day

How to Raise Kids Who Care

The Ultimate Sex Guide for Newlyweds

Conquering Info Overload

Ten kissing commandments

Rachael Ray: Great food doesn't cost a fortune

The 13 Best Relationship Tips Ever
1. Act Out of Character
2. Get in Touch a Lot
3. Don't Be BFFs
4. Enjoy a Steady Diet of Sex
5. Take Turns Talking
6. Find the Intersection
7. Be More Positive Than Negative
8. Echo Each Other
9. Grow Your Tolerance
10. Take a Time-Out
11. Have His Back
12. Spend a Little Money on Each Other
13. Be a Good Date

30 Things to Do with a Naked Man

Protecting Your Financial Future

How to Spy on Your Child Online

6 Ways to Be a Great Parent
1. Play video games
2. Keep a diary
3. Hang out with your friends
4. Let your child make her own crazy choices
5. Say no to your kids
6. Put an end to Candy Land

10 Web Analytics Packages For Tracking Your Visitors

Who on earth has the time, or the energy for that matter, for 'gourmet sex'?

7 Rules for Eating

How to Get Everything You Want In Life

Healthy living starts right now. Experts tell you how.
Make appointments with your doctor and dentist
Gauge your girth
Assess your activity
Keep a food diary
Check your mood and energy
Consider your social network

How to Make Money Through Blogs

50 Terrific Social Sites for Healthy Living

11 "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep

'Three Stooges' coming together at MGM

25 (Most Wanted) Tips For iPhone 3G

Dead Simple Guide to Beating Procrastination

Why the Nano is profitable

Oops, I did it again!

How to Build Muscle
1. Develop a program
2. Practice good form.
3. Lift to fatigue.
4. Change your eating habits
5. Change your routine every four to six weeks.

Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Laid off and living well

Men in flashy cars really do make women go weak in the knees

America’s Unhealthiest Restaurants

Ultimate Fast Food Survival Guide

7 Ways to Save on Health Care Costs,2933,509560,00.html
1. Buy Generic
2. Order Rx Through Mail
3. Split the Pills
4. Ask for Samples and Coupons
5. Get to Know Your Insurance Plan
6. Don’t Stop
7. Talk to Your Employer

Skills that can save your jobs

Where 'Undo Send' and other Gmail ideas are born

10 hottest Russian runway superstars.,4644,6854,00.html

How to Get Your Masters Degree Online

Five ego boosts every man needs

100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter

Travel Picks: Top 10 vacations for the newly unemployed

9 Reasons People Cheat

More than just 'sex'

8 Marriage-Busters to Give Up Today

Conservatives Love Porn -- Surprised? You Shouldn't Be

On Owning Your Own Web 2.0 Work

The Top 10 Craziest Sex Laws in America

Obesity can trim 10 years off life

Manslations: What men really mean

Cheapskate has tips for saving $20,000 a year

'F*** My Life' Gets Book Deal

Provençal Greens Soup

When sex goes hilariously wrong

Thrift fashions on the money during recession

Like fathers, like daughters

Kate Winslets Hottest Moments

The Grand Canyon from the South Rim

The 20 Best Views in the World;_ylc=X3oDMTFyOGFqZ2VzBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMjcxOTQ4MQRzZWMDZnAtdG9kYXltb2QEc2xrAzIwYmVzdHZpZXdzLTAzLTE2
1. The Grand Canyon from the South Rim
2. Hong Kong Island from Kowloon
3. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
4. Manhattan from the top of Rockefeller Plaza
5. Istanbul skyline from the Bosphorus strait, Turkey
6. The Ngorongoro Crater from North Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania
7. St. Paul’s from Waterloo Bridge, London

5 Immune Boosting Winter Foods

4 Feng Shui Tips for Financial Health

The Cost Of Living Large

Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web

Virginity rates among students by major

What do top affiliate marketers and online moneymakers say about Affiliate Theme?

sites of the day

39 Creative Lego Advertisements - Creativty without bricks

The North Shore Coastline, Oahu, Hawaii

Beach, Goa

The Caribbeans

BoraBora Island, Tahiti, French Polynesia

The Most Beautiful Beaches

Top Five Web Writing Techniques that Will Take Your Site to New Heights of Popularity

Writing Well for the Web

10 Ways Newspapers are Using Social Media to Save the Industry
1. Twitter headline feeds
2. Acquiring providers of social media services
3. Creating more online events to attract readers
4. Promoting and monetizing user-generated content
5. Story-based communities
6. Collaborative outsourced news services
7. Customized delivery
8. Branded communities
9. Publishing APIs for third-party developers
10. Burning the boat that brought you

No Layoffs -- Ever!

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work
1. Who Else Wants [blank]?
2. The Secret of [blank]
3. Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]
4. Little Known Ways to [blank]
5. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All
6. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
7. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]
8. [Do something] like [world-class example]
9. Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of
10. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]

8 Sites to Help You Network

Aishwarya Rai & Bipasha Basu

2008 Was the Year of Social Networking

25 Surprising Things That Google Knows About You

Two Boys, Five Tons of Ice

14 Rules for Faster-Loading Web Sites
* Rule 1 - Make Fewer HTTP Requests
* Rule 2 - Use a Content Delivery Network
* Rule 3 - Add an Expires Header
* Rule 4 - Gzip Components
* Rule 5 - Put Stylesheets at the Top
* Rule 6 - Put Scripts at the Bottom
* Rule 7 - Avoid CSS Expressions
* Rule 8 - Make JavaScript and CSS External
* Rule 9 - Reduce DNS Lookups
* Rule 10 - Minify JavaScript
* Rule 11 - Avoid Redirects
* Rule 12 - Remove Duplicate Scripts
* Rule 13 - Configure ETags
* Rule 14 - Make AJAX Cacheable

Indian fielder Dinesh Karthik prepares to catch a ball as fans look on during the fourth one-day international against New Zealand in Hamilton (dt 11.3.2009)

It may look like the latest addition to Madonna's wardrobe, but this device is called the Bra Dryer...

Internet sounding death knell for newspapers: Survey

Clocking your body's rhythms

Celeb wardrobe malfunctions

Top 10: Hype-Worthy 2009 Websites
No.10 -
No.9 -
No.8 -
No.7 -
No.6 -
No.5 -
No.4 -
No.3 -
No.2 -

What is it: is America’s “Finest News Source,” only their news is fake. The good news is that while their mock stories aren’t real, they are pretty damn funny. If the real news has you down, is a great place for a pick-me-up.

Why it will be big in 2009: While amateur viral videos are the fad right now,’s professional satire of CNN, ESPN and every news source in between makes it a creative site on the rise. Whether it’s with a headline, an infographic or of one of their patented Onion News Network videos, is always a place to find a laugh.

No.1 -

What is it: While Wikipedia is the source for, well, everything, Wikitravel is a more focused source on everything travel. Think of it as a travel guide, only this one has more than 20,000 directories with advice on what to do, see and experience, all just a few clicks away.

Why it will be big in 2009: Wikitravel is a great resource that is just becoming a known commodity; and that’s vital, because like Wikipedia, readers contribute to the database of knowledge. Thanks to that word-of-mouth aspect, Wikitravel is quickly becoming the web’s main hub for travel information.

World's top 10 tourist destinations

Hong Kong International Airport was voted the world's best for the seventh year in an annual survey of passengers by Skytrax, a UK-based consultancy.

Konkona Sen Sharma

nandita das

Padma Lakshmi

Sushmita Sen

World's sexiest before Transforming

Top 10 Formula One WAGs

A Drink for a Smaller Waist

Weekly Sex Q&A
sex can cure headaches
reduce stress, sleep well
increase blood flow
body maintenance
fountain of youth
more hormones are good
health benefits of sex galore
17 Ways To Reduce Cancer Hazards

How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who's Buying

7 Can’t-Miss Paint Colors

The not-so-big four

The 12 Commandments of Wealth

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars.

Henry Van Dyke
blog of the day

10 tips to get bags of energy

10 ways to stay happily married
1. Stay spontaneous
2. Make loving gestures
3. Make eye contact
4. Agree to disagree
5. Embrace change
6. Do something unexpected
7. Celebrate your love
8. Do a favour
9. Cosy up to your rival
10. Relive the past

50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs

How to release the vise-grip of tension headaches

The triumph of curves

25 best blogs 2009,28804,1879276_1879279,00.html
1Talking Points Memo
2The Huffington Post
5The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan
9Zen Habits
10The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman
11Crooks and Liars
12Generación Y
15Official Google Blog

Brown Fat: A Fat That Helps You Lose Weight?,8599,1890175,00.html

The truth behind farmers’ suicides


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