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Sunday, November 8, 2009

In the news November, 2008

Mumbai attacks: Taj Mahal siege ends as total death toll rises to 195 (telegraph)
Inside the hotel siege: 'I have seen so many corpses' (thegloabandmail)
Siege ends in Mumbai (LA times)
Commandos take back the city (National Post)
Militants in Mumbai 'wanted Indian 9/11' (gulfnews)
Hollow victory as more bodies discovered in Jewish centre and top hotels (Timesonline)
Terrorist siege has ended, India says (IHT)
Mumbai siege may be finished; Commandos say last militants dead (seattletimes)
Terror Siege Ends in Mumbai, Last Remaining Gunmen Killed (foxnews)
Mary Kom wins World C'ship (zeenews)
Mumbai crisis put 'citizen journalists' in spotlight (ctv)
Harrowing tales of bloodshed (
Food writer Sabina Saikia no more (zeenews)
Bloodied Mumbai defiantly forges on (cnn)
Terrorists at Taj fired from everywhere: commando (Economic Times)
Eight Israelis killed in Mumbai attacks: ministry (AFP)

Three days of terror claim 195 lives (weltonline)
Mumbai attacks hit home for Trumbull woman (connpost)
Taj Mahal hotel freed, three-day Mumbai siege over (rian)
Madison doctor distraught over India (al)
Mumbai Siege Over, Indian Forces Kill Last Militants (VOA)
Indian Forces End Mumbai Siege (wsj)
Commandos mop up last of Mumbai militants (swissinfo)
Death toll reaches 195 as Mumbai siege ends (scotsman)
Mumbai under attack

Police declare Mumbai siege over (bbc)
Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai (huffingtonpost)
Dawood behind Mumbai attacks: ATS sources (ibnlive)
Battle for Mumbai ends, death toll rises to 195 (Times of India)
Mumbai police declare Taj Mahal hotel siege over (guardian)
Indiana woman dies at 115 as world's oldest person (ap)
Mumbai siege ends as last terrorist killed (Times)
Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai (AP)
Mumbai Terrorist Siege Over, India Says (nytimes)
Troops confront Mumbai attackers (bbc)
Mumbai gunmen battle army, foreigners held hostage (reuters)
'Free our Muhajideen' demand Bombay terrorists (Timesonline)
101 killed as gunmen rampage in India city (ap)
Landmark Mumbai hotel targeted in terrorist spree (iht)
Mumbai attacks: domestic Indian terrorism with a global twist (guardian)
Indian navy boarding suspicious ship off Mumbai (ap)
At least 100 dead in India terror attacks (iht)
Mumbai attackers had external links: PM (Economic Times)
Ex-PM VP Singh passes away (rediff)
Police battle to free Mumbai hostages (FT)
Terrorists left before I reached terror sites: Patil (Indian Express)
Violent Standoff Continues in Mumbai; Dozens Dead (wsj)
US pilot refuses to fly with Sikhs onboard' (Indian Express)
Protesters tighten grip on Bangkok airport (independent)
Govt set to cut petrol and diesel prices after Dec (mydigitalfc)
Thai protesters shut down airport (bbc)
Officials: Obama to ask Gates to stay at Pentagon (ap)
Sunken 'pirate ship' was actually Thai trawler, owner says (cnn)
Gates is expected to stay at Pentagon (chicagotribune)
Napping Boosts "Sophisticated" Memory (huffintonpost)
Treasury, Fed act to boost lending (cnn)
Try not to cry as Woods becomes credit crunch victim (guardian)
Twitter Rejects $500 Million Takeover Offer From Facebook* (alleyinsider)

China: Roses album is 'venomous' (bbc)
IITians' contribution to economy is Rs 20 lakh crore: Study (Times of India)
Obama promotes fiscal restraint, big spending (ap)
European markets hold onto gains (ap)
Obama using bully pulpit to tackle economy (ap)
Pakistan gets $7.6 billion loan package from IMF (ap)
U.S. to Back $306 Billion in Citigroup Assets, Regulators Say (bloomberg)
Government unveils bold plan to rescue Citigroup (ap)
India wins thriller, clinches series (Hindu)
An average worker wastes an hour on emails (ANI)
Baba’s call to uphold human values (New Indian Express)
Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Charges for Nude Cell Phone Pictures of Herself (foxnews)
Obese have right to two airline seats (reuters)
Woman May Lose Home Over Decade-Old Blowjob (theagitator)
Jury still out in Holy Land terror-financing trial (ap)
Regional party leader could be next PM: Chandrababu Naidu (Hindustan Times)
Indira Gandhi's vision saved us from current financial crisis: Sonia (Times of India)
e=mc2: 103 years later, Einstein proven right (Indian Express)

India praised for sinking pirates (bbc)
Pakistan warns U.S. over missile strike (cnn)
Shares Near 6-Year Low, With More Losses Feared (nytimes)
India beat England by 16 runs (D/L) method (msn)
Crisis? What crisis? Dubai hotel to throw $30 million party (smh)
Obama's first gamble: Clinton at State (politico)
Mass. woman's 1 cent debt paid in full (ap)
Arraignment set for Cheney, Gonzales in Texas (ap)

DO NOT Post Pictures of This Sign on the Internet
Saudi FM: oil supertanker hijacking 'outrageous' (ap)
Stocks headed for a drop (cnn)
Many Dealings of Bill Clinton Under Review (nytimes)
UN resumes food distribution in Gaza (AFP)
Jerry Yang to quit as Yahoo boss (bbc)
Search is on for new Yahoo CEO after Yang steps down (reuters)
Florida fights childhood obesity with new gym rule (Christian Science Monitor)
Job Cuts Show Depth Of Citigroup's Problems (NPR)

Citigroup set to cut 75,000 jobs (bbc)
Citigroup to cut 50,000 jobs - CNBC (yahoo)
Report: Citigroup may cut 15,000 jobs (ABC)
Financial services giant Citigroup says it will cut more than 50,000 jobs, slashing staff to 300,000 (CNN)
Facing Deficits, States Get Out Sharper Knives (nytimes)
Texas Pastor: Let's Talk About Sex (ABC)
As California Neighborhood Burned, Two Little Houses Survived (wsj)

After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US (Christian Science Monitor)
Japan firm recalls 8 million bottles of U.S. mineral water (reuters)
Goldman Sachs CEO, six leaders give up 2008 bonuses (AFP)
Jeev wins Barclays Singapore Open (NDTV)
Most Brit women prefer male bosses to female ones (sun)

Bush warns over 'protectionism' (bbc)
Second Life affair ends in divorce (cnn)
European debut for '$100 laptop'(bbc)
Europe in recession, U.S. in pain as world leaders meet (reuters)
India celebrates planting its flag on moon (yahoo)

Iran envoy abducted in Pakistan (bbc)

Republican Governors Take a Hard Look At How to Rebuild Party After Big Losses (wsj)
G.M.’s Troubles Stir Question of Bankruptcy vs. a Bailout (nytimes)
BT slashes 10,000 jobs (guardian)

Ten jobs that pay $80,000 a year
# National median annual income is $40,690
# Here's a list of 10 jobs paying twice that salary
# Compensation and benefits manager has annual mean income of $80,011
# Risk management supervisors expect 13 percent increase in employment by 2016

85,000 homes lost to foreclosure in October (cnn)
Quantum of Solace" set to blast box offices (reuters)
Mukesh pips L N Mittal to become richest Indian (Times of India)
Hayden calls India a third world country(rediff)
Former Taiwan president is jailed (BBC)
Google launches video chat for Gmail (cnet)
Obama may reverse Bush policies on stem cells, drilling, abortion (cnn)
South African musical legend Miriam Makeba dies (ap)
Study: Wider Cholesterol Drug Use May Save Lives (ABC)

Police report blast outside sports stadium in Pakistan's northwest, casualties feared. (Hindu)
Pirates attack Indian ship, Navy intervenes (Hindu)
Palin offered $2M to appear in porn movie (current)
After moon odyssey, it's 'Mission Sun' for ISRO (Times of India)
Kevin Rose of Digg: The Most Famous Man on the Internet(inc)
10-year-old girl's inspiring story opens eyes at Glamour awards (dailynews)

AIG: Bailed out again (cnn)
U.S. Used Secret Order to Attack Al-Qaeda Worldwide, NYT Says (bloomberg)
Chandrayaan-1 enters lunar orbit successfully (ibnlive)
Chandrayaan to enter tricky lunar orbit today (Times of India)
Obama to center stage, promises action on economy (ap)
Fears of Democrat crackdown lead to gun sales boom (ap)
Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for 'careless' joke (politico)
Palin denounces her critics as cowardly (ap)
Unemployment rate hits 6.5%, a 14-year high (LA Times)

Obama to meet economic advisers (bbc)
Obama meeting with advisers as economy sputters (ap)
Will Obama Have to Adjust His Timetable on Iraq? (Time)
Indian-American in Obama’s first team (Hindustan Times)
Palin Aide Fires Back at Reported McCain Camp Slams (ABC)
Congo crisis summit held as cease-fire unravels (cnn)
Georgia Claims on Russia War Called Into Question (nytimes)
After the dream, it’s a dose of reality from Barack Obama (Times online)
Sour grapes? Alva alleges Cong sold tickets (ibnlive)
Obama speaks with 9 world leaders (ap)
Sonia, UPA favour Lok Sabha polls in April (rediff)
Nagarjuna to act for Congress (Deccan)
5 Bihar JD(U) MPs resign from Lok Sabha over MNS row (Times of India

Extra! Extra! Barack Obama's election win sends newspaper sales soaring (LA Times)
For Obama, No Time to Bask in Victory As He Starts to Build a Transition Team (nytimes)
Election night draws record viewership(LA Times)
Led by ABC, the networks and cable channels were watched by 71 million.
Obama Turns to Building Leadership Team (wsj)

Male hormone patch can boost sex drive in older women (ANI)
Karzai says air strike in Afghanistan kills 37 (MSNBC)
Majority in Pakistan 'Obamaistic' (Hindu)
Tendulkar's 40th Test ton gives India the edge (rediff)
Bhutan crowns young king to guide young democracy (reuters)
Mideast press awaits Obama's axis of upheaval (AFP)
106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Obama tribute (ap)
Gay couples disappointed by Calif. marriage ban (ap)
Goldman Sachs to layoff thousands:reports (ibnlive)
Survey: Economy top concern for US voters (foxnews)
Democrat Gains in Congress Clear Way for Party Agenda (bloomberg)
Time Warner Posts Flat Earnings (wsj)
Bill Gates confident India can eradicate polio (Times of India)
Dismal close for mkts; Sensex, Nifty down 5%, RIL dips 12% (money control)
India Inc hails Obama win, sees upswing in India-US ties (Economic Times)
Obama's victory met with tears and traffic jams (ap)
Obama Promises 'A New Dawn of American Leadership' (ABC news)

Not-the-election quiz

Obama wins, says "change has come to America" (reuters)
Obama supporters celebrate: 'Yes we did!' (Los Angels Times)
Barack Obama elected 44th president (msn)
Obama tells hometown: 'Change has come' (msn)
Obama wins hard task ahead (ajc)
Barack Obama Wins Big: "Change Has Come to America" (Time)
Obama elected US president (FT)

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